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Modifying base-images with snapshots on Unetlab/EVE-NG Alpha

Introduction Unetlab/EVE-NG (Alpha) is a great tool you can use for learning about networking with different platforms (Dynamips routers, IOL, QEMU images). I won’t get into details about how to prepare the environment, you can find a lot of useful … Continue reading

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Loop-Free Alternate on JunOS

Introduction: The Topology A lot of time has passed since my last post on this blog and I’m back with something about an interesting feature, LFA, i.e. Loop-Free Alternate, this time not implemented on Cisco routers but on Juniper ones. I’ve … Continue reading

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MPLS for a BGP-free core

Here we are with my second post on my new blog. This time I’ll talk about one of the benefits of implementing MPLS within the backbone, i.e. to allow you to have a BGP-free core. We’ll start with the following scenario: We … Continue reading

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Different approaches to IPSec Communication between Cisco Routers

This is my first post on my new blog, and I’ll start by examining some different approaches to enable IPSec communication between Cisco Routers, starting from the oldest one to the most recent ones. Scenario R1 and R2 are connected … Continue reading

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